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Christmas is in the Air….

Today I designed two new Christmas decorations for 3D printing and another one to cut on the CNC. The 3D prints took ~2h each. I changed the filament in the middle to print in two colors. 3D models can be downloaded from Thingiverse:

GCodePrintr App reached 5000+ installs

#GcodePrintr – the 3D Print App has reached the 5000 installs mark this week. The free version #GCodeSimulator has 50000+ installs already…..

GCodeCNC App – Work in Progress

This week I made some progress with the GCodeCNC App. The App will be a fork of the GCodePrintr 3D Printing App, but optimized for CNC machines running GRBL. Icons, splashscreen and basic App customization work is done. The layout for 10″ tablets looks good now, but there is still a lot of work .…
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Mini Lathe

I got a mini lathe for Christmas from ebay (~35€). It can be used for small wood pieces only. Product description (in German): Dies ist eine Mini-Buddha-Perlenmaschine, kompakte und tragbare Größe, leistungsstarke Holzdrehmaschine und schönes Aussehen. Mit erschwinglichem Preis und hoher Qualität ist es eine notwendige kleine Maschine für Buddha-Perlenliebhaber. Eigenschaften: Speziell für Heimwerker, kleine…
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CNC Christmas Decoration

For Christmas I made some nice home decors using the Shapeoko CNC mill. I used Easel to design them and generate to tool path.

Shapeoko Spindle upgrade

As written in the previous blog post, I have bought a new CNC spindle motor for the Shapeoko. The old spindle was a cheap rotary tool (like a Dremel rotary) which was very inaccurate and loud . (use with earmuffs only !). Another disadvantage was the 3mm collet, it did not hold the drill bits…
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New spindle for Shapeoko arrived

0.4KW Spindle Motor (from ebay) Product Description The wide voltage PWM DC brush motor speed controller applies to DC 12-60Vlow voltage permanent magnet brushed DC motor. The operating voltage is wide voltage (DC) DC12V-DC60V (Max 65V). The default potentiometer control is 5K-100K, the defaults is 10K. MACH3 -PWM speed control signal input, external PWM input…
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Shapeoko CNC Mill Kit

Beginning of this year (2018) I joined the club of Shapeoko CNC machine owners 🙂 I got mine from here in Germany. It took me a few days to assemble the kit. Assembly in pictures in my Google Photo Galerie My first test was some plotting using a pencil. It took me a while…
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