Shapeoko Spindle upgrade

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Shapeoko Spindle upgrade

As written in the previous blog post, I have bought a new CNC spindle motor for the Shapeoko. The old spindle was a cheap rotary tool (like a Dremel rotary) which was very inaccurate and loud . (use with earmuffs only !). Another disadvantage was the 3mm collet, it did not hold the drill bits very well.

Old spindle motor

In order to install the new spindle, a adapter plate is needed. I read a few posts about drilling a adapter plate but I decided to try a 3d printed plate. It took me a few tries to find the right material thickness and infill settings, to avoid bending when milling.

Designed with OpenSCAD and printed in PLA on my Multec Multirap 3D Printer (Using GcodePrintr App). Please contact me by email if you need the STL or OpenScad file.
Carrier with adapter plate
Carrier with adapter plate and spindle

Once assembled, the new Spindle sits tight and does its job very well.

Spindle Motor mounted with adapter plate

The new Spindle Motor is much quieter and more accurate. I can highly recommend the upgrade !


  • Quiet
  • Accurate
  • ER11 Collect (up to 6mm)
  • Variable Speed (3000-12000r/min)
  • Speed control through GRBL (optional)
  • Inexpensive (99€)

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