Month: January 2022

About 3D printing, CNC, Mountainbiking and new technologies

GCodePrintr – 3D Print and charge

When using GCodePrintr to control your 3D printer, you might be well aware of the limitation of most Android devices: It is not possible to charging the device through USB while the USB port is in use for printing This is very bad when you plan to use your phone with GCodePrintr to run a…
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GCodePrintr – Get 3D print notifications on another phone (Pushover)

Get notified on your phone, PC or smartwatch when your 3D print is finished or if you run out of filament, and more. The beta version of the GCodePrintr App supports “Pushover” messages to another device. The latest GCodePrintr Beta version (3.56) support the following notification events: 3D print started with estimated print time 3D…
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