Month: September 2021

About 3D printing, CNC, Mountainbiking and new technologies

Top20 3D Prints – #6: Simple Tablet & Phone Stand

This is a simple table/phone stand with 3 different slots for different phone/tablet sizes and/or stand angle. Very quick and easy to print. Print time: ~1.5hMaterial cost: ~0.80€ Simple Tablet Stand on Thingiverse: Follow me on Thingiverse to get all new 3d models/stls: Follow me on Instagram (mdtz77) to get new posts and…
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MTB bike mount

Top20 3D Prints – #7: MTB Bike Wall Mount

This wall mount for my MTB bikes saves a lot of space in the garage. Its easy to hang-up the bike and to lower it. Great design from Thinigverse user “kleinerELM” Print time: ~5hMaterial cost: ~3€ Wall Mount on Thingiverse: Cube Pedal Remix: Follow me on Thingiverse to get all new 3d models/stls:…
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