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Mittwoch, den 12. Februar 2014

GCodePrintr V1.52 has been released
3D Printing from any Android device - PC less printing
*Connect to a printer using USB OTG/Host port
*Supports wireless printing over Bluetooth
*Touch screen printer control interface (X,Y,Z Movement, Heat, Fan,..)
*Layer by layer visualization and print simulation
*Show details like estimated time, speeds, filament usage, cost,..
*Printing is done in background (Android service)
*Small web [...]

GCode Simulator & Printer Android App allows 3D printing from Android devices.

Mittwoch, den 13. November 2013

If you are interested in 3D printing and you own a Reprap, PrintrBot, Ultimaker or similar 3D printer, then you might like printing from your favorite Android device instead of using a PC to control the printer. While controlling the printer from PC works fine, it is annoying to keep the PC running during a [...]

Where does all this traffic come from ? (Or how to use a Rasberry Pi find that out)

Sonntag, den 2. Juni 2013

Now with LTE I have a data traffic limit of 30GB per month. First I thought that this is plenty of traffic because with my old DSL I used around 20GB only. But guess what, when having faster download speed all systems seem to generate more traffic than before.
One day I noticed 600MB traffic [...]


Samstag, den 27. April 2013

My LTE account has been activated yesterday, without any problems. The signal is quite good (4-5/5 bars) and the bandwidth is much better than with DSL.
DSL 1,5MBit Down 224k Up (measured values)
LTE 39Mbit Down [...]

Telekom LTE

Mittwoch, den 24. April 2013

Last week I decided to switch from DSL 1.5Mbit to LTE. I did some tests with my mobile phone and the signal was fine. Although only LTE 800Mhz is available here, it can achieve up to 50 Mbits.
Compared to 1.5 Mbit this is pretty good
Yesterday I have received the Telekom Speedport II Router. [...]

Images with GPS tags - Nautilus integration 2/2

Donnerstag, den 4. November 2010

The following two scripts are helpful for integrating the into nautilus: will show the GPS position of the selected image in Google Maps.
If multiple images are selected, the first 10 GPS positions will be displayed in a static Google Map (did not find out how to display multiple markers in a dynamic map)
Zenity is [...]

Images with GPS tags - Nautilus integration 1/2

Donnerstag, den 4. November 2010

I just bought a new Sony Camera with build-in GPS. Unfortunately all the packaged software is for Windows only.
So I was looking for a good Linux program to quickly show the GPS data of a picture and to show the GPS position in Google maps.
Digikam has a good GPS support (integration of marble) and its [...]

Nokia 5800 - Wer kennt wen - Widget

Montag, den 7. Dezember 2009

Wer kennt wen Widget für Nokia 5800 MusikXpress

Migrated my nanoblogger based weblog to WordPress

Sonntag, den 11. Februar 2007

I’ve migrated my nanoblogger based weblog to the Strato Weblog Basic which is based on WordPress
The migration was very error prone, because Wordpress adds a “br” after each line. Also Strato does not
allow to use a custom theme and the build-in theme has only a width of 800px.
So, the most blog entries are readable but [...]

Nanoblogger GUI 0.9 via Java Webstart

Samstag, den 27. August 2005

I have finished nanoblogger GUI frontend version 0.9.
The new version is available via Java Webstart:
Nanoblogger GUI frontend *Webstart version*
You should read the README file before starting the first time.
The version is also available as a tar.gz package:
Nanoblogger GUI frontend (tar.gz Binary & Sourcecode)
ps:This blog is already created with nanoblogger gui frontend