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Lametric Clone

LaMetric is a smart display which can connect to your wifi and can be controlled with your phone. The display looks nice and can show the time or various other metrics like twitter counts, weather forecast, etc.

The biggest issue with the LaMetric is the price. It costs >= 199€ which is much too expensive for a simple display. Therefore I started to build my own. With my own 3d printer and CNC machine, it should not be hard to make a good looking clone of the LaMetric.

Looking through the web I found two interesting projects:
ESPMetric -

I bought a cheap 32×8 DOT LED Matrix at Ebay and started with an old Arduino to control the display:

To keep track of the time/date I use a simple DS3231 RTC module . An active buzzer is used to do the alarm. I added a rotary encoder to toggle through the menu and select entries. With the HC-06 bluetooth module it is possible to connect with my phone and send commands (currently using a serial console).

Features so far:
-Show time/Date (Clock with RTC module & Battery)
-Timer with alarm
-Scrolling Text
-Stop Watch

More to come…..

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