Monat: Februar 2019

About 3D printing, CNC, Mountainbiking and new technologies

MTB Rockenhausen-Schönborn

Kleine MTB Tour von Rockenhausen durch den Wald Richtung Dörrnbach und von dort hoch nach Schönbörn. In Schönborn konnte man bei klarem Himmel bis zum Donnersberg schauen. Noch ein kurzer Foto Stopp am Budda Tempel und den halb-fertigen Ferienhäusern. Insgesamt 25km und ca 400 hm

3D Printed MLP Tempest_Shadow

3D print successfully completed The print time was 3:29:22 4.49 m filament has been used Cost of material is 1.00€ Average print speed was 37.02mm/s Printed at 240.0°C with avg. layer height of 0.18 mm Print object size is 39.34 x 75.34 x 101.57 mm Printed with #GCodePrintr for Android –

LED Matrix / BTClock

The Bluetooth Clock is ready to use ! ! I have created a github project to share the code for the BTClock: The 3D print files can be downloaded from Thingiverse : I will write more about the electronics and wiring soon….