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New Wall Art 3D Print Models

I designed some wall art tp print out with your 3D printer. All models are freely available on Download Free STL files here:

GCodePrintr – Get 3D print notifications on another phone (Pushover)

Get notified on your phone, PC or smartwatch when your 3D print is finished or if you run out of filament, and more. The beta version of the GCodePrintr App supports “Pushover” messages to another device. The latest GCodePrintr Beta version (3.56) support the following notification events: 3D print started with estimated print time 3D…
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GCodePrintr – Timelapse


I designed a simple and easy to print desk lamp with hexagonal shades. I used a cheap battery powered white led chain (just ~2€) , but I’m going to upgrade to RGB LEDs with dedicated control later. Find the STL files for 3d printing and and Scad file for customization on Thinigverge:

Christmas is in the Air….

Today I designed two new Christmas decorations for 3D printing and another one to cut on the CNC. The 3D prints took ~2h each. I changed the filament in the middle to print in two colors. 3D models can be downloaded from Thingiverse:

Five different ways to upload your gcode files to #GCodePrintr App.

In order to print a gcode file you need to transfer it to the GCodePrintr App first. GCodePrintr allows multiple ways to transfer the GCode file: 1) Network Receiver The “NetworkReceiver” allows GCodePrintr to receive Gcode files over Wifi (assuming your tablet/phone has wifi connectivity). Once enabled in the printer connection preferences (“Activate networkreceiver at…
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LED Matrix / BTClock

The Bluetooth Clock is ready to use ! ! I have created a github project to share the code for the BTClock: The 3D print files can be downloaded from Thingiverse : I will write more about the electronics and wiring soon….

Lametric Clone

LaMetric is a smart display which can connect to your wifi and can be controlled with your phone. The display looks nice and can show the time or various other metrics like twitter counts, weather forecast, etc. The biggest issue with the LaMetric is the price. It costs >= 199€ which is much too expensive…
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Shapeoko CNC Mill Kit

Beginning of this year (2018) I joined the club of Shapeoko CNC machine owners 🙂 I got mine from here in Germany. It took me a few days to assemble the kit. Assembly in pictures in my Google Photo Galerie My first test was some plotting using a pencil. It took me a while…
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