Month: December 2021

About 3D printing, CNC, Mountainbiking and new technologies

Homeoffice Cup Holder

I designed this homeoffice cup holder for a christmas gift for my brother. Easy to clamp onto the desk.  Printed the first 6 layers in red and switched to blue at layer 7.  The last 4 Layers have been printed in red too.  Support required ! The STL files are available on only:

Top20 3D Prints – #4 Compost Bin

This is a very useful 3D print. The bin can be used as countertop or can attched to a cupboard door using the door mount. Print time: ~14hMaterial cost: ~8€ Compost bin on Thingiverse: mount: Follow me on Thingiverse: gcodeprintrI’m going to post my TOP3 3DPrints soon. Some are #useful, some just look…
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Top20 3D Prints – #5: Dinosaur T-Rex Skeleton

This great 3d model of a “Tyrannosaurus Rex” skeleton is an upgrade for any appartment / flat. It looks awesome and is educational. It is 20 times smaller than the real-life skeleton of the mighty dinosaur. Print time: ~24hMaterial cost: ~8€It consists of 25 parts which need to be assembled and glued together. T-Rex on…
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