Über 3D Druck, CNC, Mountainbiking und neue Technologien

A few things I post about

All about 3D Printing

Here I share a lot of exciting stuff about 3D printing. New 3d prints or new interesting 3d models on Thingiverse. Experience with my Prusa Mk3S , Multec and Delta printer. And more …

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Mountain Biking in Germany – Rheinland-pfalz. Nice Fotos and tips where to find good trails and places.

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Other tech stuff and more

All about tech stuff. Arduino, RaspPi, Linux, etc. Or should I say nerd stuff ?

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Latest Posts

Here are the latest blog posts from Tech & Bike about 3D Printing , CNC , Mountainbiking and other technologies

Bosch Indego M400/500 Stop Button Protection

The Stop button of the Bosch Indego is often pressed by plants and tree branches which causes the lawn mover to stop and wait for human interaction.With this simple stop[…]

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New Wall Art 3D Print Models

I designed some wall art tp print out with your 3D printer. All models are freely available on Download Free STL files here:

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GCodePrintr – 3D Print and charge

When using GCodePrintr to control your 3D printer, you might be well aware of the limitation of most Android devices: It is not possible to charging the device through USB[…]

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GCodePrintr – Get 3D print notifications on another phone (Pushover)

Get notified on your phone, PC or smartwatch when your 3D print is finished or if you run out of filament, and more. The beta version of the GCodePrintr App[…]

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