Monat: Januar 2019

About 3D printing, CNC, Mountainbiking and new technologies

Lametric Clone

LaMetric is a smart display which can connect to your wifi and can be controlled with your phone. The display looks nice and can show the time or various other metrics like twitter counts, weather forecast, etc. The biggest issue with the LaMetric is the price. It costs >= 199€ which is much too expensive…

Donnersberg MTB bei Eiseskälte

Am Wochenende starteten wir eine Tour auf den Donnersberg bei ca -4°C . Bevor es los ging musste ich erstmal frische Dichtmilch in meine Tubeless Hinterreifen, da ich bei der letzen Tour unterwegs Luft verloren hatte (sollte man eigentlich bei >15°C nachfüllen aber hat auch so funktioniert). Die Sonne zeigte sich ab und zu und…

New GCodePrintr Release 3.10

A new release of GCodePrintr – The 3D Print App has been published today. This update which comes with several bug fixes and some nice improvements. ★ Share a print with photo or thumbnail with other apps (e.g. twitter, pinterest, etc.)★ Improved Macro Dialog with Gcode drop down list ★ Partial Russian translation (Thanks to…

GCodeCNC App – Work in Progress

This week I made some progress with the GCodeCNC App. The App will be a fork of the GCodePrintr 3D Printing App, but optimized for CNC machines running GRBL. Icons, splashscreen and basic App customization work is done. The layout for 10″ tablets looks good now, but there is still a lot of work .…

Rheinhessen MTB Tour

Kleine Jahresanfangstour durch Rheinhessen. Diesmal mit meinem 29″ Hardtail da mein Fully erstmal neue Dichtmilch in den Tube-less Reifen braucht. Bei kühlen 4-6 C° freut man sich über jeden Anstieg.

New GCodePrintr Release 3.08

A new release of GCodePrintr – The 3D Print App has been published today. This release is a minor update which comes with several bug fixes and minor improvements. Updated Android target release (26) New splashscreen method (compatible with 26) Show when webserver is in failed state and improve debugging Improved capture of camera picture…