Airbrush & 3D Printing

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Airbrush & 3D Printing

Since Christmas I have my own Airbrush pistol and a bunch of air brush colors.
I started to paint some of my “failed” 3D prints to get used to it.

After watching some tutorials on YouTube decided to start with a tank.
I piked a 3D model of a tank from Thingiverse ( and printed it on my Prusa I3 MK3S using the GCodePrintr App.

After cleaning up the model I used the Airbrush and followed another video on youtube. The result turned out quite well:

3D printed and airbrushed Tank

Now I was exited to paint my next model. I decided to try a Yoda figure because there are instruction videos on YouTube as well.
Again, downloaded the model from Thingiverse ( , printed on my 3D printer, cleaning, priming and airbrushing.

Inspired by my son after he came back from cinema watching the new Star Wars, I looked for another Star Wars figure and found the new D-0.
Downloaded model from Thinigverse ( and printed the >20 parts and painted them individually before I glued them together. This took several hours, but the results looks great:

I will try some more 3D printing & airbrushing soon…. will keep you posted. Cu


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