New spindle for Shapeoko arrived

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New spindle for Shapeoko arrived

0.4KW Spindle Motor (from ebay)

Product Description
The wide voltage PWM DC brush motor speed controller applies to DC 12-60Vlow voltage permanent magnet brushed DC motor. The operating voltage is wide voltage (DC) DC12V-DC60V (Max 65V). The default potentiometer control is 5K-100K, the defaults is 10K. MACH3 -PWM speed control signal input, external PWM input requirements: level 3.5-12V VPP, frequency 1K-10KHZ, suitable for MACH3 spindle speed control. Soft-start function. Prevent excessive current caused by the motor and power damage (default 0 seconds soft start), 0-5 seconds adjustable. Control power: 12V120W, 24V240W, 36V360W, 48V480W, 60V600W.

13pcs(13 size ) ER11 PRECISION SPRING Spannzange set:

Gripping Range 0.5MM to 7MM (3/128″ to 17/64″)
Run-Out Tolerance 0.015MM (0.0006″)
First Class 1065 Carbon Steel
Hardened & Precision Ground
  • Condition: New
  • Input:AC110V/AC220V±10%  50/60Hz
  • Output: DC48V 10A
  • Adapter power: 480W

Spindle Motor:

  • Work voltage: 12-48VDC
  • Rotation speed: 3000-12000 r/min
  • Power: 400W
  • Torque: 500mN.m
  • Insulation resistance: >2 Megohm
  • Dielectric strength: 186mm
  • Diameter: 52mm
  • Axis collet Length: 48mm
  • Diameter of Axis collet holder: 16mm
  • Repeat accuracy: 0.01-0.03mm
  • ER11 collect: 3.175mm
Package Content
  • 1 x 0.4KW spindle motor with with ER11 3.175 collet
  • 1 x Mach3 PWM speed controller( include potentiometer )
  • 1 x  Mount bracket with screws
  • 13 pcs (different size 1mm-7mm) ER11 collets
  • 1 x Power supply 48V 10A


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