Where does all this traffic come from ? (Or how to use a Rasberry Pi find that out)

Now with LTE I have a data traffic limit of 30GB per month. First I thought that this is plenty of traffic because with my old DSL I used around 20GB only. But guess what, when having faster download speed all systems seem to generate more traffic than before.

One day I noticed 600MB traffic over night and I didn’t know what was causing it*.
Since the Telekom Router does not provide any usefull information about the traffic I decided to use a Raspberry Pi to monitor the network traffic.

Raspberry PI
4GB SD-Card
800mA USB Power supply
USB 100Mbit Network Adapter
Linux + Bridge Control + tcpdump

I configured the Raspberry Pi as a Ethernet Bridge device (using brctl) and attached it between my Ethernet Switch and the Telekom Router. The WLAN traffic of the Telekom Router will not flow through the bridge, but I don’t use the Telekom Router for WLAN anyway.


*btw. the 600MB traffic where caused by a Linux system doing background updates (packagekit)

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