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Howto change the playlist file to play from SD Card

Montag, den 16. Januar 2006

Some people ask me , how they can change the playlist file to work with the SDCard.So , I decided to write a short Howto:
First you need a hex editor.For example HexEdit (Windows). Or KhexEdit (Linux)
Then, you have to understand the playlist/spl format , here is a short description: Header 01 00 00 00 00 00 Init Sequence 00 00 00 00 Nr of Entries For each Entry: 02 00 Init entry 00 00 00 00 Entry [...]

Aireo Playlists on SD Card

Donnerstag, den 8. Dezember 2005

Yes , it is possible to use Aireo Playlists on SD Card.

The only difference is to use another path for the playlist entry:
\Storage Card\My Music\…
instead of
\Disk\My Music\…
I’m going to enhance Jasy to support playlists on SD Card.

Update: Java Aireo Sync (JASY) Preview

Freitag, den 21. Oktober 2005

I’ve uploaded a new Jasy preview (V0.21).
Drag and Drop fully implemented
Copy and Paste implemented
File delete
Tree improvements (async,popups,..)
Code cleanup
Missing festures
Aireo communication abstraction (USB/WLAN)
Playlist functions
File transfer functions
Used/Free space display works only for Linux
Sun Java 1.5 or higher
Java Webstart
Jasy Alpha Preview (Webstart link)

Searching for assistance

Freitag, den 14. Oktober 2005

I’m searching for assistance to speed up the JASY development !
If you are interrested and match to one of the following profiles, don’t hesitate
to contact me.
Java Developer: You have some experience in developing java applications and like to code a part of jasy.
Java GUI Developer: You have some experience in developing swing GUIs and [...]

Alpha Preview: Java Aireo SYnc

Freitag, den 14. Oktober 2005

A preview of the Java Aireo SYnc (Jasy) tool is now available via webstart.
It is only a demonstration of the current development state (pre-alpha) and it is NOT stable.
The important features (like copy files to aireo, creating playlists …) are not fully implemented so that
they are not working, yet.
The preview gives you only a insight [...]

Command line Playlist creator (SPL)

Freitag, den 14. Oktober 2005

I’ve got a lot of request regarding the Aireo SPL parser and playlist creator in the last weeks.
But it has took some time to make this code portable and to build a package.
The SPL Creator is now ready for download: SPL Creator
(It is only tested with Linux, but windows should also be ok.)
Sun Java 1.5 [...]

Linux on Aireo work suspended

Freitag, den 14. Oktober 2005

I have suspended the work on the Aireo MP3 player.
I plan a vacation trip to dubai in November and I need
a running MP3 player.
Therefore I have desoldered all JTAG wires and reassembled the Aireo.
I hope there is more time in december to continue the JTAG stuff.

Fixing the jtag tools

Mittwoch, den 24. August 2005

Wow , this is a good answer, *bad board design*. Anyway , how do I adjust the BSR register ?
I have to study the jtag basics:
-how does jtag work (TMI,TDO,signals)?
-What is that BSR used for (Boundary Scan Register) ?
-The architecture of the ARM platform (Instruction Register, Data Register …)

2. Answer from jtag mailing list

Mittwoch, den 24. August 2005

And a second answer from Marcel:
Hi Mathias.
On Mon, Aug 15, 2005 at 09:20:40AM +0200, Mathias Dietz wrote:
> jtag> detect
> IR length: 5
> Chain length: 1
> [...]

1. Answer from jtag mailing list

Mittwoch, den 24. August 2005

I got an answer from Andrew:

On 8/15/05, Mathias Dietz wrote:

> But when I start the detectflash or dicovery command, the board resets and
> turns off.

I don`t know your specific hardware, but I`m guessing that something
in the bus driver for the PXA series parts is triggering the behaviour
you see. Most bus drivers work by [...]