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New GCodePrintr Release 3.08

A new release of GCodePrintr – The 3D Print App has been published today. This release is a minor update which comes with several bug fixes and minor improvements. Updated Android target release (26) New splashscreen method (compatible with 26) Show when webserver is in failed state and improve debugging Improved capture of camera picture…
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PHYSIO – 3D Printed Gift

Designed with OpenSCAD. Print Time ~5 hours. PLA

Shapeoko Spindle upgrade

As written in the previous blog post, I have bought a new CNC spindle motor for the Shapeoko. The old spindle was a cheap rotary tool (like a Dremel rotary) which was very inaccurate and loud . (use with earmuffs only !). Another disadvantage was the 3mm collet, it did not hold the drill bits…
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3d printed Bike Bottle holder

3d printed anchor for pool floater

3D printed Bike mount

This mount is to transport a third bike on my car bike carrier . Print time was ~5h for all parts.