Moai Statue

3D printed on Prusa MK3S with glitter filament. Print time ~5h (no infill)

Moai statue printed on Prusa MK3S using GCodePrintr App


The exact print time was 4:54:35
19.89 m filament has been used
Cost of material is 1.79€
Average print speed was 28.47mm/s
Printed at 209.77°C with avg. layer height of 0.17 mm
Printed with 0% infill and no support
Print object size is 123.29 x 156.15 x 150.07 mm
Filament: Prusament PLA Prusa Galaxy Black

Download the STL from here:

3D Printed Wheels for Bosch Indego

My Bosch Indego lawnmower sometimes gets stuck when climbing the small hill im my garden. It often happens when the weather was rainy and the grass is wet. The wheels just slip through.

I found a great design for new wheels on thingiverse which should improve the traction of the wheels significantly. The print took ~13h and the material cost is about 8€ per wheel.

3D printed wheels for Bosch Indego Lawnmower
Mounted wheel
3D printed wheel with spikes for Bosch Indego