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Five different ways to upload your gcode files to #GCodePrintr App.

In order to print a gcode file you need to transfer it to the GCodePrintr App first. GCodePrintr allows multiple ways to transfer the GCode file: 1) Network Receiver The “NetworkReceiver” allows GCodePrintr to receive Gcode files over Wifi (assuming your tablet/phone has wifi connectivity). Once enabled in the printer connection preferences (“Activate networkreceiver at…
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Moai Statue

3D printed on Prusa MK3S with glitter filament. Print time ~5h (no infill) Details The exact print time was 4:54:3519.89 m filament has been usedCost of material is 1.79€Average print speed was 28.47mm/sPrinted at 209.77°C with avg. layer height of 0.17 mmPrinted with 0% infill and no supportPrint object size is 123.29 x 156.15 x…
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3D Printed Wheels for Bosch Indego

My Bosch Indego lawnmower sometimes gets stuck when climbing the small hill im my garden. It often happens when the weather was rainy and the grass is wet. The wheels just slip through. I found a great design for new wheels on thingiverse which should improve the traction of the wheels significantly. The print took…
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GCodePrintr + Prusa I3 MK3S. A great duo !

My new Prusa I3 MK3S arrived and I run the first few prints.I’m very happy with the print quality and reliability of the printer so far. There are a few improvements I need to add to GCodePrintr to better handle some Prusa specific stuff (e.g. filament run-out). Stay tuned.

3D printed signs

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How to use GCodePrintr App to start a 3D print

I’m working on a series of videos to explain the GCodePrintr App features. Here is the 1st one:

GCodePrintr App reached 5000+ installs

#GcodePrintr – the 3D Print App has reached the 5000 installs mark this week. The free version #GCodeSimulator has 50000+ installs already…..

New GCodePrintr Release 3.13

A new release of GCodePrintr – The 3D Print App has been published today. This update which comes with several bug fixes and some improvements. ★ Fixed some crash reports and exceptions★ Fixed SD Card file listing★ Show list of Gcodes when stepping through in pause mode Download GCodePrintr from Google Play:

3D Printed MLP Tempest_Shadow

3D print successfully completed The print time was 3:29:22 4.49 m filament has been used Cost of material is 1.00€ Average print speed was 37.02mm/s Printed at 240.0°C with avg. layer height of 0.18 mm Print object size is 39.34 x 75.34 x 101.57 mm Printed with #GCodePrintr for Android –