Shapeoko CNC Mill Kit

Beginning of this year (2018) I joined the club of Shapeoko CNC machine owners 🙂

Assembled CNC Mill

I got mine from here in Germany. It took me a few days to assemble the kit.

Assembly in pictures in my Google Photo Galerie

My first test was some plotting using a pencil.
It took me a while to find the right cnc tools to generate the toolpath.
Most cnc tools (CAM) require Windows but I only have a Linux PC in my workshop. Pycam worked but crashed when reading a SVG file. I ended up using FlatCAM for Linux (meant for PCB milling) to do the plotting.

I designed a simple pencil holder with OpenSCAD and printed it with my 3D printer.

Luckily my GcodePrintr 3D Print App required a few modifications only to work with the GRBL firmware running on the Shapeoko electronics. My goal is to publish a modified version of the App for CNC milling (App name will be GcodeCNC). I’ll keep you posted.

Why yet another blog ?

My hosting provider Strato discontinued my previous hosting package and upgraded me to a more expensive package 🙁 
The good thing about the new package is that it now supports wordpress and I no longer have to create my html pages manually (using vi). 

Tech&Bike – Hello world !

This is my first blog entry in my new Tech&Bike blog.  I will post about my experience with  new technologies like 3D printing, DIY CNC, Arduino experiments, Android App development (#GCodePrintr 3D Print app), and more. But also about my Mountain Bike hobby, interesting places and special trips.

Most technology related posts will be in English, the MTB&Co posts will be in German (use Google translate if you don’t speak one or the other)

Thanks for listening