Images with GPS tags - Nautilus integration 2/2

The following two scripts are helpful for integrating the into nautilus: will show the GPS position of the selected image in Google Maps.
If multiple images are selected, the first 10 GPS positions will be displayed in a static Google Map (did not find out how to display multiple markers in a dynamic map)
Zenity is used for displaying a progress bar, so please make sure to have zenity installed as well.
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if [ $# == 1 ] ; then -vv “$@” | tee /tmp/gpsPlaOutxxx.txt | zenity –progress –pulsate –auto-close ; cat /tmp/gpsPlaOutxxx.txt | grep dynamicmap | cut -d ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””>”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” -f 2- | xargs -n 1 -x -d ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””n”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” firefox
else -vv “$@” | tee /tmp/gpsPlaOutxxx.txt | zenity –progress –pulsate –auto-close ; cat /tmp/gpsPlaOutxxx.txt | grep staticmap | cut -d ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””>”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” -f 2- | xargs -n 1 -d ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””n”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” firefox
fi will show the nearest place to the GPS positions of the selected image in a dialog using zenity.
#!/bin/bash -v "$@" | tee /tmp/gpsPlaOutxxx.txt | zenity --progress --pulsate --auto-close ; zenity --text-info --filename=/tmp/gpsPlaOutxxx.txt --width 800 --height 800 ; rm /tmp/gpsPlaOutxxx.txt

Example Dialog:

To integrate this into Nautilus you should install nautilus-actions, then run nautilus-action-config-tool to add new entries:

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