Monatsarchiv für April 2013


Samstag, den 27. April 2013

My LTE account has been activated yesterday, without any problems. The signal is quite good (4-5/5 bars) and the bandwidth is much better than with DSL.
DSL 1,5MBit Down 224k Up (measured values)
LTE 39Mbit Down [...]

Telekom LTE

Mittwoch, den 24. April 2013

Last week I decided to switch from DSL 1.5Mbit to LTE. I did some tests with my mobile phone and the signal was fine. Although only LTE 800Mhz is available here, it can achieve up to 50 Mbits.
Compared to 1.5 Mbit this is pretty good
Yesterday I have received the Telekom Speedport II Router. [...]

GCodeSimulator & GCodeInfo

Dienstag, den 23. April 2013

Last year I bought a RepRap 3D Printer Kit and since then I spend many hours on printing stuff, calibrating the printer and developing tools around it.
The tools make the life of 3D Printer’s easier and I just created a web site to make them public to the community.
Find out more about GCodeSimulator & GCodeInfo.