Monatsarchiv für Februar 2007

Migrated my nanoblogger based weblog to WordPress

Sonntag, den 11. Februar 2007

I’ve migrated my nanoblogger based weblog to the Strato Weblog Basic which is based on WordPress
The migration was very error prone, because Wordpress adds a “br” after each line. Also Strato does not
allow to use a custom theme and the build-in theme has only a width of 800px.
So, the most blog entries are readable but [...]

MDGrab- New version with Authentication

Sonntag, den 11. Februar 2007

Ive create a new version of the commandline videograbber tool MDGrab. (see downloads)
New Features:
-send keep alive packets
-authentication added
-webcam control added (up,left,right,down,nightshot)
-some fixes
It required the following jars which you can find here:
Example command to view live video on linux:
java -cp - admin adminpw | mplayer - -demuxer mpeg4es -msglevel all=1
A detailed [...]

Ovislink Airlive system access

Sonntag, den 11. Februar 2007

The Ovislink Airlive WL-5460CAM has a security hole which allows you to access the buildin Linux system, read and modify
configuration files.
How ?
-Open the web interface of the webcam
-Choose configuration
-Store/backup your configuration into a file
-Open this file with a text editor
-Search the section with the /sbin/ifconfig …. line, this section is the backup of your [...]