Monatsarchiv für November 2006

Ovislink 5460 Webcam video grabber tool (MDGrab)

Sonntag, den 19. November 2006

I’ve finished the first version of a java based video grabber tool.
It grabs the live stream of the ovislink webcam and stores it into a file.
MDGrab Java Package (JRE 1.5.x required)
To start the video grabber command line tool, enter the following command:
java -jar MDGrab.jar [webcam IP-Address] [output filename]

Cellvision Header

Samstag, den 18. November 2006

To get the plain mpeg4 video stream I had to remove Cellvisions additional header structure.
The header seems to be always 40 bytes long, and index 24-27 are the size of the following video data.
In java it look like this:

byte[] hdr = new byte[HEADERSIZE];
int r =;
//convert 4 [...]

WebCam Network Stream analysed

Samstag, den 18. November 2006

After some hours of network tracing. I found out how the Webcam works:

It has multiple TCP Ports open:
Port 80 = Web Interface. All commands to control the webcam (pan&tilt…) are http requests.It also handles the authentication
Port 5000 = Stream initialization.
Port 5001 = Streaming Port, sends the video packets
Port 500 = documented as ipview port. [...]

Ovislink Airlive = Cellvision CAS670W

Samstag, den 18. November 2006

Meanwhile I found out that the Ovislink Airlive 5460CAM is equal to the Cellvision CAS670W.

Cellvision seems to be the original developer of the Webcam, while tracing the network traffic I found a lot
of “Cellvision” strings in the package header.
Cellvision offers a Aragorn SDK which is a documentation of a webcam protocol (but not 100% equals).

Ovislink AIrlive 5460CAM

Samstag, den 18. November 2006

I’ve bought a Ovislink Airlive 5460CAM Webcam.
It’s a really nice Webcam with integrated Wireless LAN and Pan&Tilt
function.A detailed specification could be found here Ovislink Airlive
After unpacking the webcam, I found out that the java applet was missing, instead an ActiveX plugin was
required to use the Webcam. WTF…So, I’ve decided to implement my own java applet [...]