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Migrated my nanoblogger based weblog to WordPress

Sonntag, den 11. Februar 2007

I’ve migrated my nanoblogger based weblog to the Strato Weblog Basic which is based on WordPress
The migration was very error prone, because Wordpress adds a “br” after each line. Also Strato does not
allow to use a custom theme and the build-in theme has only a width of 800px.
So, the most blog entries are readable but [...]

nanoblogger GUI 0.91

Dienstag, den 30. August 2005

A small nanoblogger GUI update is available, nanoblogger Gui frontend 0.91.
Changes since 0.9:
-clear console added
-kill running nanoblogger added
have fun….

Nanoblogger GUI Images & Icons

Montag, den 29. August 2005

The images and icons in the nanoblogger GUI frontend are not very nice.
I hve draw them with gimp, but I’m not very talented in making graphics.
It would be great, if somebody could provide me some beautyfull images to
make the nanoblogger GUI more attractive.
Thanks in advance

Nanoblogger GUI 0.9 via Java Webstart

Samstag, den 27. August 2005

I have finished nanoblogger GUI frontend version 0.9.
The new version is available via Java Webstart:
Nanoblogger GUI frontend *Webstart version*
You should read the README file before starting the first time.
The version is also available as a tar.gz package:
Nanoblogger GUI frontend (tar.gz Binary & Sourcecode)
ps:This blog is already created with nanoblogger gui frontend

Nanoblogger GUI Release 0.8a

Freitag, den 26. August 2005

I have finished the version 0.8a of the nanoblogger GUI frontend.

It supports the following nanoblogger features:
-list entries/categories
-add entry/category
-delete entry/category
-edit entry/category
-move entry to category
Nanoblogger GUI Frontend (Java Binary and Source)
Please report bugs to email

First screenshot of the nanoblogger GUI

Freitag, den 26. August 2005

Here is the first screenshot of the nanoblogger GUI.

Nanoblogger GUI

Freitag, den 26. August 2005

As you may already know, this weblog is created with nanoblogger.
NanoBlogger is a small weblog engine written in Bash for the command line.
It uses common UNIX tools such as cat, grep and sed. It’s free to use and modify under the GNU General Public License.

But it is sometimes annoying to use a command line programm [...]

Upgrade to Nanoblogger 3.2.3

Mittwoch, den 24. August 2005

I’ve updated my nanoblogger to the version 3.2.3