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CDT 3.0 for Eclipse (II)

Donnerstag, den 1. September 2005

This week I have a Linux C kernel coding training course, and I have tried to use the Eclipse CDT 3.0.
After some small projects, I was very impressed. The CDT seems to be very helpfull.
But as we had started to code kernel modules, I had to include the kernel headers.
This was too much for the [...]

CDT for Eclipse 3.0

Mittwoch, den 24. August 2005

The CDT 3.0 for Eclipse has been released.
After downloading , I have imported the jtag tools project into the workspace.
Tried the following features:
-Managed Make Project
-Standard Make Project
-C/C++ Indexing
-Open Declaration (F3)
-Open Definition (CTRL-F3)
-Debugging (set breakpoints, read variables …)

Works fine