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Little Endian Debian on NSLU2

Montag, den 5. Juni 2006

I’ve installed the little Endian Debian port on my NSLU2.
+The official Debian Apt repository can be used
+More packages available
+Faster software updates
-Worser network performance

Control & Set NSLU network settings (duplex,speed…) using mii-diag

Mittwoch, den 30. März 2005

I had some trouble with the network speed of my NSLU2.
To copy files from a windows machine to the NSLU it only reaches
a throughput of 600kb/s.
I expected some problems with the network settings,with the duplex settings
in detail.
I had read something about mii support in the ixp4xx kernel module ,so I started
to compile the GPL [...]

What is my NSLU2 used for ?!

Dienstag, den 29. März 2005

Now I use the NSLU2 for:
-Samba Network Storage for my Windows PCs
-NFS Server for recording movies with the DBox
-NFS Server for playing movies , images and mp3 with the DBox
-CVS Server for my java development (e.g. Aireo sync tool)
-CUPS Server for printing
-Web Server for this blog
-SSH Server for remote access
-FTP Server for fast uploads from [...]


Dienstag, den 29. März 2005

I have succesfully installed Nanoblogger on my NSLU and this
is my first blog.